Unmasking domestic violence and abuse community support program disclaimer

This program is not designed as a solution to your situation with domestic violence and abuse. It is designed as an awareness program to help recognise the behaviours of domestic violence and abuse, understand and accept that the behaviour is not ok, and to seek the appropriate help and support that is available. Nathan Cassidy is not a licensed or qualified psychiatrist, phycologist, or psychotherapist and as such any information provided should be taken as general advice only, by choosing to engage in this program you agree to absolve Nathan Cassidy, Unmask Yourself and any employees, contractors or affiliates of them, from any injury, illness, hardship, distress, trauma or death that may accrue during or after the participation in all, or part of this program. We endeavour to deliver the most accurate and up to date information that we can but we make no guarantees or assurances of this with the information that is provided.