COMMUNITY Initiatives

Unmask Yourself doesn't exist to talk about making a difference, It exists to a make one. 

Our FREE community initiatives are one of the ways we do that by offering support to anyone that needs it regardless of their location or financial situation.


Covid and Beyond

This program is here to help support the mental health and well-being of anyone that has been impacted by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

What I go through in the program will help you during this challenging time, along with any other challenges you might face in your life too.


Unmasking Domestic Violence 

This initiative is here to help tackle domestic violence head-on and to do what we can to help support violence free homes.

If you are receiving, observing or delivering domestic violence and abuse then this awareness program may have content that can help you better understand domestic violence and abuse better and motivate you to seek the appropriate support for you and your situation.

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Coming October 2020

Unmasking Mental Health

This initiative is here to help offer support, resources, and hope.

If you are experiencing mental health struggles, supporting someone experiencing mental health issues or have lost someone to suicide then this program may have what you need to help you through.

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